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Please join us for the 2018 Calgary Stampede Parade Workshop. This interactive event is going to showcase everything entries need to know about applying and being invited to be a part of the Parade. From applications, to safety, rules, to judging, and everything in between. The workshop will help prepare all parade entry applicants! Local float builders will also be on onsite for those participants interested in a float entry. The workshop is focused on new parade applicants, but previous entries are more than welcome to attend. All are welcome!

  • Calgary Stampede Parade 2018 Workshop
  • Date: Saturday September 30, 2017
  • Time: 8:00 am- 12:00 noon
  • Location: Legends Room, Tenderfoot Room Trailblazer Centre, Stampede Park
Please remember that RSVP is required to attend Please remember that RSVP is required to attend. Please RSVP to by August 31st, 2017. Please indicate what sub-committee group you are with.


Parade is a community-based event designed to entertain Calgary families, visitors to our city and television audiences around the world.   The tradition of the parade is over 100 years old as a light-hearted celebration of our community and western values.   Parade entries are selected based on the value they bring to our audiences and therefore need to be of quality, and be family friendly, entertaining, inclusive and inspiring.   The purpose of the parade is to entertain, so entries that promote negative role-models, or are distracting, offensive or polarizing are not permitted.   Although commercial entries are permitted, all must carry a message of goodwill rather than simple advertising.


The 2018 Calgary Stampede Parade is looking for new and creative entries! Previous parade entrants are encouraged to modify key elements to keep the design fresh and exciting each year to ensure a place at this year’s show!


An entry in the parade is also an excellent way to gain valuable public exposure for your organzation. Your brand and message will be on display for literally millions of people from all walks of life.

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