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Are you interested in participating in the Stampede Parade?

Every year, thousands of people from many diverse organizations enter the Stampede Parade and have the time of their lives. It’s also a great way to gain public exposure and demonstrate community spirit while building teamwork within your group. Our entries average 42 seconds of national television broadcast time – think how much it would cost you to buy that type of media exposure!

Participating in the Stampede Parade is an experience you’ll never forget, neither will your audience!

Typical Questions From Potential Parade Applicants

(From Enquiry to Ideas, Design, Approval and Entry)

Question #1 What do I have to do to get into the Stampede Parade?


  1. Read the Rules & Regulations for the parade here
  2. Form a (float) committee to make decisions.

Question #2 What are the costs?


  1. There is no cost (entry fee) to enter the parade.
  2. Entry (float) cost depends upon whether it is professionally built or committee built or a combination.

Question #3 Where can I get a design if I want to enter a float?


  1. There are a number of companies that build professional floats.
  2. If committee built, then the section coordinator can assist with ideas/feedback plus rules and regulations.
  3. Pick-up trucks are NOT allowed as tow vehicles.

Question #4 What are the most important considerations in having my entry approved?


Safety regulations, design appeal, decor, activity, crowd appeal, not too commercial, etc.

Question #5 How will I know if my entry is approved?


You will be advised by the coordinator responsible for your section.

Question #6 With questions 1 through 5 answered, what is my next step?


Make a final decision, obtain your committee commitment, prepare and submit your parade application, including a picture or drawing.

This information should get you started and the Parade Committee is always available to help you. If you are interested in joining the parade line-up and if your organization would like assistance from the Parade Committee to plan and prepare a suitable entry for the Stampede Parade, please contact us to arrange a parade consultation.

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