The Stampede Parade is led by the Parade Prelude and is followed by the Main Parade.

The Parade Prelude consists of “Stop & Go” entertainers that move to specified street corners and includes clowns, singers, entertainers, musical groups, plus semi-stationary entertainment.

Entries in the Main Parade are divided into categories for judging purposes and for better communication between the section coordinators and a small group of entries.

The Main Parade categories are:

  • Floats
    • Corporate/Business Floats
    • Cultural Floats
    • Horse Drawn Floats
    • Municipalities Floats
    • Non-Profit Business Floats
  • Horse Entries
    • Mounted Color Parties
    • Heavy Horse Hitches
    • Mounted Groups/Miscellaneous Horse Entries
    • Rodeo Entries
  • Other Types of Entries
    • Marching Bands
    • Miscellaneous Entries
    • Native Entries
    • Pooper Scoopers

Each category has its own requirements - please make sure to read the general rules and regulations, and also the special rules for floats and for equestrian/livestock entries before deciding on a category. We may assign your entry to a different category. For example, if you are a non-profit organization, but your entry doesn't meet float requirements, you may be reassigned to the Miscellaneous Section. If we feel a change like this needs to be made, we'll talk to you about our reason for moving your entry. In order to have a successful parade, we try to get a balanced mix of the different kinds of entries. This means that, even if your entry meets all our requirements, we may not accept it because that category is already fully represented. If you have questions about any of the categories, please contact us.

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