General Information For Applicants


All applications must be made online. You must accept the Rules & Regulations at the end of the application to successfully submit the application. Click here to review and print a copy of the Rules & Regulations.


Once you submit your application online you should see a confirmation message that your application was successfully submitted.  You will then receive an email message with a copy of your application. If you do not receive the confirmation message or an email, please contact or your Content Coordinator.


The Selection Committee will then meet to decide on entries for conditional approval. We may need to change the category you apply for. You may be also asked to make changes to your entry to meet our quality and safety requirements. We will work with you to help you prepare a parade-worthy entry.


All Bands must sign up through the Visiting Bands Website at

There is no entry fee for the Calgary Stampede Parade.

The most important thing about your application is that it needs to be complete. Remember, we are selecting entries from hundreds of applications–if you don’t give us enough information, we may not include your entry in the lineup.

Your application must include:

• the application form filled out in full

• proof of insurance as stated in the Parade Application Package

• entry media form filled out in full

• a photograph or artist’s rendering of the entry

NOTE: Ensure your group has a contingency plan for any unexpected or unforeseen occurrences prior to Parade Day. If any issues arise, make sure to contact your Entry Coordinator.

The information you provide with your application will be used for media releases and included in the script written for television broadcasting. Make sure the description and special features are informative and colourful. List people in the order they will appear on the entry. Include each person’s position and why he or she was chosen to represent your entry. This information is also used to determine the order in which entries appear on the parade route. For example, if you don’t tell us you have a sound system you may be placed right in front of a band and your music will not be heard by the crowd. On the other hand, you could be placed right behind a horse entry–a potential disaster if the horses are spooked by your sound.

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