We have many rules and regulations – general safety rules AND special rules for specific entries. Click here to download the rules and regulations.  If you’re wondering why, consider this:

We take more than 4,000 people, 700 or more horses, 50 motorized vehicles (where frequently the driver’s vision is limited), and many groups dancing, walking, riding, waving and yahooing. We funnel all these elements down a narrow corridor crowded with 350,000 people (many of them children). Common sense says we need to have adequate rules and regulations to make sure everyone has a safe and happy experience.

In order to have a safe, successful parade we must enforce the following safety regulations. These regulations have been developed with your safety in mind, and also the safety of the thousands of people who line parade route. Please read our complete parade application package very carefully for our detailed safety rules and regulations. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Safety Inspections

Before being allowed on the route, every entry is thoroughly inspected by the General Safety Committee or the Equestrian Safety Committee. That is why, when we review applications, entries are conditionally accepted – one of the conditions is meeting our safety requirements. We prefer to inspect entries during the construction phase, so any potential problems can be identified and dealt with before the entry is fully decorated and waiting to go on the route. Our Safety Committee members are helpful and supportive and can give you great advice as your entry is being built. To arrange for an inspection during construction, call your section coordinator.

The safety check sheet must be completed for every entry. Entries that do not meet all the requirements will be given an opportunity to fix the problems. Entries that are not in compliance with the major rules and regulations, will not be allowed on the route.

Also, be aware that these safety check sheets are totaled and your score is used by the Judging and Awards Committee. Frequently, the difference between first and second place for an award is your safety score.

All entries are thoroughly inspected by the safety committee to ensure they meet our safety requirements. You can view a copy of our safety check sheet here.

Download Safety Check Sheet

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