Parade Safety and Etiquette

  • The golden rule is "bums on the curb, feet in the gutter". The parade needs four full lanes - the centre two lanes for entries and the outer lanes for operations and emergency vehicles.
  • Please do not cross the route after the Parade Prelude starts. If you must cross the street and there is no +15 skywalk available nearby, ask a police officer or Street Marshal to escort you.
  • Keep a close eye on children during the parade. Children can cheer and wave, but it is dangerous for them to run onto the street for handshakes, autographs or hugs.
  • It may be cool when you first find a place to watch the parade, but it quickly heats up. Heat exhaustion can have serious consequences so remember water, a broad hat and SPF 30 sunscreen.
  • If it looks like rain during the parade, please bring raingear, but leave your umbrellas at home. Umbrellas block the view of people behind you who also want to see the parade

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